Everyone has dreams. Regardless whether the dreams are big or small, they all matter, but be careful of the dream killers. Dream killers can be friends, family members, co-workers and employers. Dream killers exploit us because of our insecurities, fears, rejection or past failures. Dream killers keep you from achieving your dreams.

I have had so many instances where people tried to steal my dreams away or tried to break my spirit. After 6 years of high school my dream of becoming a high school graduate was taken away from me. The school principal refused to allow me to graduate because I left home at sixteen. I was robbed of the anticipation of wearing the gown, cap and walking proudly to collect my certificate. Even going to the Ball (Grenada) or Prom (North America) was taken away from me, a dream that was never manifested.

At twenty-two years old, while making the transition from a warehouse worker to the office, I remember overhearing a co-worker telling the owner that I should be fired. I remember her saying I was stupid, spoke terrible English, and the company was wasting their time trying to teach a hopeless cause.

For the past ten years, I remember always voicing my opinion about becoming an entrepreneur. Co-workers and friends would laugh at me, asking if I was smoking drugs. They all said it was impossible.

Even after I beat the odds and purchased Colt Paper back in 2017, a co-worker asked me “are you crazy, you’re going to leave your good paying job to sell cardboard?” Venturing into the corrugated industry was new to me, I had no clue or experience what I was doing and everyone was waiting for my failure.

Dream killers exploit us because of our insecurities, fears, rejection or past failures.

It’s very important to be confident in your capabilities because the world is filled with naysayers and dream killers. This negative mindset and energy can lead to stolen dreams.

I am proud to say my will power, determination, resilience and confidence kept me going on days when I had nothing else to believe in. People who are trying to deter you from your dreams are scared of failure. They will try to instill their fear on you. Pay them no mind, you are not lazy, unmotivated and definitely capable of greatness.

Everywhere you look, dream killers and naysayers are always nearby to crush your spirit. You only have one life to live, do not be afraid to take chances. No one should have the last say when it comes to your dreams. You have it within yourself to dream big. Go for your dreams, you owe it to yourself.