The Covid Effect on Small Business

With the explosion of COVID-19 causing carnage across the globe and leaving small businesses decimated, now more than ever, communities must step up and help support these folks. Whether it’s a mom-and-pop operation or modest size business, we are now urged daily to shop locally. Although some of the big box stores have been hit too, it’s the smaller business owner suffering tremendously under the weight of restrictions, limitations and closures.

In 2017, my mindset changed about supporting local businesses when I became a small business owner myself. I recognized the importance of standing behind a local company because it helps to bring prosperity to the people working and living in the community. It’s a trickle-down effect that has consistently proven itself in keeping our economy alive.

Although there is a competitive nature in the corrugated paper industry, each company has different features that set us apart from one another. At Colt Paper and Antoine Fulfillment, we are defined by our spirit, ambition, customer service and resilience. During this most difficult time, most small businesses can relate to that mindset and want to continue to operate on a daily basis.

In the era of Covid, it’s been distressing not to be able to go to your favorite coffee shop, family restaurant, bakery, craft store or flower shop. It’s prevented us from being greeted by a familiar face, smile or helping hand. The shutdowns and restrictions have, in many cases, eliminated or limited the human connection that we all take for granted.

We cannot turn a blind eye to this current situation because for many local shops, it’s more than just a transaction. Our interactions with these local business owners can extend to knowing a spouse, their kids or even family members, something the big box stores can’t deliver.

As community members, it is our responsibility to protect the livelihoods of our neighbors. We can all make a difference by shopping locally and offering support to those entrepreneurs who dreamed of owning their own business.

Become an active member in your community today by being your brother’s keeper. Shop local, buy local and support small business owners.