A fundamental human right is freedom of speech. I believe we all have a right to our opinions as well as self-expression. Therefore, regardless of what others think, I will continue expressing my opinion about matters that affect me as a black woman in North America.

I do not live my life based on fear, censorship, controversy, or cancel culture? But, unfortunately, in today’s distorted society, many people are too afraid of being fired, dread of being an outcast, fear of speaking out or standing up for what’s right. Someone once told me to drink my water and mind my business.

Leaders implement change, but followers abide by the rules. So you have to be out of your mind if you think I should shut up and be a sheep. As long as I face discrimination and injustice, I plan on always speaking out against it.

For way too long, the oppressed have been silent and taken advantage of in their lives. So I’ve made it my life’s mission to speak up for the voiceless and be the backbone for the weak and invisible. If you take an opportunity to read my blogs, you will see that I am made of steel. I am unbreakable!

After reading some of my blog postings, a gentleman messaged me and stated that my blogs dwell too much on racism. He suggested that I should focus less on the subject, and it will go away.

He thinks I should write fluffy feel-good blogs that are meaningless and have no depth. His privileged white life is rainbows and sunshine. He has never experienced the racism that I’ve endured, nor would he ever be able to relate to me. How can I pretend racism doesn’t exist when my life always seems like a dark storm? That’s the kind of ignorance I write about in my blogs.

I do not live my life based on fear, censorship, controversy, or cancel culture?

Last year a supplier with whom I do thousands of dollars’ worth of business refused to donate $20.00 to my company’s toy drive. I pleaded with the supplier to help out, but they flatly refused with a big fat NO! A few days later, I received a call from one of their employees who told me the company wasn’t going to donate to this worthy cause because I was black. How do you expect me to shut up? Do you think I can erase the pain by forgetting I ever experienced it?

Too many people are afraid to be who they are in life. We’re fearful of being judged as an outsider and want to fit in and be cool. Countless people are ashamed of their journey and origins. They don’t reflect on the past to see their strength and resilience. Instead, they see all the mistakes and regrets.

You can learn from your experiences, but only if you dare to voice your opinion. Your voice can be a powerful weapon and lead you to become the person you are today, so use your voice to fight against prejudice and inequality. Freedom of speech is freedom for all humanity, so live in your own truth!