The universe has a way of taking disappointments, misfortunes, or failures and turning them into life-changing experiences. In moments of despair and anguish, we may find ourselves filled with rage, frustration, and a sense of being utter failures. We seldom see the true meaning of an event whether it is good or bad.

I live by the mantra, “no bad breeze ever blows. It’s a Grenadian proverb that simply means, whatever happens, happens for a good reason, a loss or misfortune that usually benefits someone.

Everything that has ever happened in your life is your destiny. You can take any negativity, bad experience, or failure and turn them into beautiful blessings. Better yet, you can see the true meaning of life, especially the people in your life, but remember, not everyone has your back.

Re-living some of these eventful moments can be emotional, therapeutic, and empowering. To grow as an individual, you have to analyze these moments and learn from them. If everything went the way you planned, what would your life look like? Mine would have been a stay-at-home mom with five children in Grenada. The universe took all my good and bad moments, changed my life’s trajectory into the woman I am today.

At 26 years old, I decided to end my marriage because it kept me trapped from being independent. This decision also meant I would become a single mom. I remember my ex-husband saying, I was never going to amount to anything without him, but he was proven wrong. With hard work and dedication to strive toward an independent and prosperous life, I was able to purchase a house. 

At the time, I had no furniture, TV, telephone or money. There was barely enough food in the house to sustain my daughter and me. Also, I was using a monthly bank overdraft to pay my $1200 monthly mortgage. What I gained from this experience was complete independence, freedom, peace of mind, and self-expression. I now had the opportunity and ability to become my authentic self.

At the time, I had no furniture, TV, telephone or money. There was barely enough food in the house to sustain my daughter and me.”

In 2012 I was terminated from a job and I was devastated beyond words. I remember calling the Human Resources Manager crying and begging to have my job back. I wanted to come into the office to have a meeting, but she informed me that she was sorry but could not help me.

A few months later, I secured a better job as a Logistics Manager with an international company and received a $10,000.00 pay increase over the terminated job.  Within a few months, I was traveling to the USA and France for work.

In 2017 a job opening as a Sales Manager came up in my company. I was ecstatic. I knew this position was my next big career move, and applying for the job was a no-brainer. Being the competitive person I am, I uttered the words, “may the best man or woman win.”

These words were taken out of context by some backstabbing co-workers, and I was belittled and dragged in the dirt. I remember standing in the corner of my office, bawling my eyes out. I never applied for the position and instead applied for a homeowner’s line of credit. I purchased Colt Paper, and the rest they say is history.

You see the universe has a way of taking any misfortunes and turning them into life-changing experiences. People may think they are hurting you but in reality, they are helping you live a fuller, more rewarding life toward your destiny.

Whenever a bad breeze blows your way, embrace it, learn from it, and grow from it. It’s only bad if you let it be.