The Black Lives Matter movement has led to the expansion of a cancel culture in our society. People are now being held accountable for present or past racist comments and behavior.

As a black woman, it’s not my duty to educate another race on behavior or what I deem acceptable treatment of another human being.

I find it very exhausting to explain who I am, where I came from, and why you see me differently. Your ignorance is a war within your own head and heart. It’s your battle to fight. When I look at you, I see a beautiful human being. Why then, when you look at me, you see color? I grew up with the basic understanding that you should respect everyone you meet.

Your thoughts or actions towards me based on the color of my skin should not be your justification of what is right or wrong. In reality, we are caught up with race, class, and wealth. We forget that the only race is the human race, and we are all one people. The only class we need is compassion and being kind to one another. The only wealth we need is the knowledge of integrity, treating others with the dignity and respect they deserve.

When you see my dark skin, nappy hair and hear my thick accent, understand that beyond my physical and intellectual appearance is a beautiful soul. I have the same thoughts and struggles as you do. The only difference between us is that my struggles are multiplied by a hundred because I’m still fighting to remove inequality shackles.

In your eyes, I’m never seen as anything other than pitiful and black, but when I see you, I embrace, speak and listen to you. Why then, when you see me, you only see the color of dirt, mistreatment, disrespect, misjudgment, mistrust, a criminal, and even less?

Why do you call out my blackness or think I’m ghetto? Why do you bully or intimidate me? I’m very aware of who I am, and it’s certainly not based on a color wheel.

The problem in today’s society is people use misinformation to justify the mistreatment of black people. Their lack of knowledge and common sense of life’s humanitarian skills is overshadowed by hatred.

When you see my dark skin, nappy hair and hear my thick accent

Correcting the mistreatment of black people should not be happening in the first place. You don’t need self-help books, or befriend a black person to be educated about racial equality and acceptance. We all need to be more respectful, kind, and compassionate as the bottom-line.

If you can see beyond a person’s race, color, and gender, more than likely, you will reach their heart, the place where true beauty lives. A human connection can be simple, powerful, and transformational. It’s almost magical as long as people are open-minded and receptive to change.