There are days you might feel unmotivated, unsure about yourself or what you want in life. You may find that your passion for something is lacking, and life might seem to have no direction or purpose. However, having a purpose in life is fundamental to one’s goals, productivity, and happiness.

It’s not like having a Eureka moment, and you discover what you’re destined to do in the future. Instead, the discovery of your vocation is only accomplished by taking action. It’s unveiled only through trial and error that you can tap into your life’s true purpose.

Some endeavors might be simply enjoyable, while others may reveal your passionate side and still others you might dislike thoroughly. Discovering what you want in life cannot be achieved by seeing another person’s potential and copying it, so it becomes yours.

We are all unique with different talents and interests. Sometimes we are so busy trying to be a carbon copy of everyone in our circle we forget to take the time to figure out our life’s journey. Ask yourself when you wake up every day what you want to accomplish to fulfill your soul?

Growing up in Grenada, I was a beggar in survival mode. I begged for everything like money, clothes, and, most importantly, food. There were days I would go out in the community begging for anything, only to receive the scraps meant for pigs.

The bread I was given was covered in repulsive moss and green mold. I would take it home, cut the bacteria off and eat it along with my siblings. Other times I would watch the pigs being fed and sent away with nothing.

It’s hard to imagine anyone being this cruel to children. It makes me sad knowing that the people giving me scraps meant for pigs were family too. They could have done more but refused my pleads for help against starvation.

The thought of some of my misfortunes weigh heavily on my mind. These events motivated me to have a clear vision of the destiny that awaited me. Today, my greatest joys come from sharing my prosperity by helping the less fortunate. But, unfortunately, so many children are experiencing the same fate as I did. It is disheartening that many people have the means and power to help, yet cries for relief still go unanswered. One man or woman can’t change the world.

If every individual were to find their true passion and live with a noble purpose, the world would surely be a better place. Yet, sometimes all it takes is the smallest act of kindness.

You might look at me and call me inspirational, but I would say no to this characterization.  You see, these difficult moments in my life helped to guide me in living a full, purposeful life.

I am now on the flip side of the coin, so I can relate to the cries for help and offer assistance wherever I can. I am motivated by the need to be empathetic for the oppressed, which makes my life worthwhile. That’s why I am so passionate about giving back and trying to make a difference.

Are you living a meaningful life or walking in someone’s shadow? It would help if you stopped trying to do what everyone else is doing and stand out alone with acts of kindness. Human existence is not about just being alive. Instead, it’s about finding something to be passionate about and living life with a purpose.