Dear Younger Self,

This letter is a reminder that you are beautiful, intelligent, independent, helpful, hopeful, sassy, selfless, thoughtful, shy, naive, and scared of your own shadow. Your emotional behavior will result in compassion towards everyone you meet. It’s okay to cry when you are hungry, hurt or sad. You don’t always have to be tough and hide your vulnerability.

You have morals and values that will last a lifetime. Use them as life skills, and never forget your origin. Your little round face will give way to a beautiful appearance, and your full hips will one-day bear children, so embrace your body.

Don’t beat yourself up about not being perfect. Accept your flaws. Your independent decision making at six years old are signs of a leader, not a disobedient child. All the bad decisions you are making now will prepare you for adulthood. You should use them as learning experiences and avoid repeating the same mistakes.

Your brothers are your champions. Stop getting annoyed with them for being overly protective because it’s their job. They love you and want what’s best for you. Your emotional breakdown at 7 when your father left was over the top. You were very dramatic, rolling in the dirt and crying for hours, but you will reunite with him in eleven years, so learn to be patient.

Your helpful ways in the village, like washing clothes, running errands, helping your grandmother, caring for your siblings, combing your cousin’s hair, always cooking up a storm to feed everyone is commendable. Your efforts show the development of your future work ethics, compassion, and empathy. Stop complaining and be more helpful. Do not focus on clothes, money, and material things. Instead, work on building your character and integrity for your legacy.

Stop trying to compare yourself to others because you are unique. Your only competition is yourself. Focus on your own journey. It will lead you on a beautiful path where all your dreams will come true. Do not let anyone dictate who you are as a person or what you will become when you grow up. Your destiny is in your own hands. It’s not a matter of chance, it’s a matter of choice.

All the hardships you feel of having an unfair life will blossom into something extraordinary and beyond your expectations. You are resilient and strong. Keep dreaming big even when everyone around you thinks you’re crazy. Hold your head up high and be confident in your potentials. You are capable of greatness, but you must first believe in yourself. Laugh, love, and be kind to everyone. One day you will look in the mirror and be proud of the woman you have become.