Charlyn`s Favourite Things

Sometimes all is takes is a little thing to make us happy. These things can add some extra comfort to our stressful lives. While we each might have different wants and needs, we all have a few things that we love. It makes our lives easier and some that brings us pure joy.

Rise Organic Kombucha
Kombucha is a sparkling beverage made by fermenting tea. It contains probiotics, organic acids and antioxidants that help with digestion and support the immune system. Kombucha is raw, unpasteurized and filled with good bacteria that have many health benefits. I try to have one bottle per day, my go to flavour is the Mint & Chlorophyll or Lychee Jasmine.

Moringa Tea
I am not a coffee drinker and prefer a cup of tea. Moringa is coined as the super food of our century. Packed with vitamins and minerals, it is great for the hair and skin, helps protect the liver, lowers cholesterol, helps treat and prevent cancer, treats diabetes and reduce high blood pressure. I brew fresh organic Grenadian Moringa along with some fresh ginger and a tea spoon of organic Grenadian honey.

Bone Brewhouse Bone Broth
Classically seasoned, traditional flavour to the exotic PHO, this broth is delicious to sip on. Low in calories and packed in protein, the extracted collagen and minerals have tremendous health benefits. It helps reduce joint pains and inflammation. Assist in gut health and aids in the repair of leaky gut syndrome. Improves hair, skin and nail health. Strengthens and support the immune system. I try to have a hot cup every day.

Glaceau Smartwater Alkaline 9+ pH
Packed with electrolytes, ionized to a 9+pH, this premium water offers hydration for a daily balance. I drink minimum 2 liters every day.

Mango is fruit, it varies in color, sweetness and has yellow flesh. It is a staple fruit in the Caribbean, India, The Philippines and South East Asia. I grew up on this fruit, to this day it is hands down my favourite fruit. I have it 1-2 times per week.

Garnier SkinActive Clearly Brighter
A complex of vitamin C & E, along with gentle exfolatin Lipo-Hydroxyl Acid, this fast absorbing, non greasy moisturizer is packed with SPF 30. It helps reduce the appearance of dark spots and smooth the appearance of fine lines. Giving you younger looking, even-toned skin. I honestly can swear by this moisturizer and have been using it daily for the past 2 years.

Everlast Jump Rope
Durable and helps increase cardio, ultra light weight with a sleek design for quick spinning and speed. It is easy to carry and can be added to your daily workout routine. I take this rope with me where ever I go, to the office or even on vacation.