Charlyn Asher is the President of Colt Paper and Antoine Fulfillment, divisions of Asher Industries Inc. This extraordinary woman is the epitome of perseverance, dedication, and commitment for managing to attain her twenty-five year history of achievements throughout her life. Not only did Charlyn distinguish herself as a successful businesswoman in the company, but she became the only black female president in a corrugated and shipping supplies business. This accomplishment is indeed historical in an industry that is male-driven and dominated in Canada.

Born in the tranquil village of Windsor Forest, in Grenada, Charlyn came from humble beginnings. She migrated to Canada at the age of 18 with an ardent desire to transform her life into something spectacular.

Regardless of her lack of Canadian work experience, no immigration papers, only a high school diploma, and pungent dialect, did not deter her from reaching the impossible dream of one day becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Her epic journey by taking odd jobs such as babysitting, housekeeping, and a factory worker. She realized that to be ultimately successful, she would have to start at the bottom, work her way up, and persevere hardships along the way. For Charlyn, success was a must. Failure was not an option.

As a single mother to her beautiful daughter Aaliyah, Charlyn was highly motivated to make a meaningful life for both she and her daughter. And, as the saying goes, behind every dark cloud, there’s a silver lining. What happened next would transform her life forever.

While on unemployment back in 2001, Charlyn capitalized on the job creation program, an initiative of Human Resource Development Canada (HRDC). She was ultimately propelled from being a factory floor worker to a more prestigious position, a Warehouse and Purchasing Manager for an international company.

Another breakthrough came along when in 2017; Charlyn was able to move one step closer to self-actualization when she was cast for a CBC pilot entitled Under New Management. The show aired on CBC.

Not only was she reaping the rewards of her diligence and hard work, but she also recognized that first impressions are lasting, especially in the business world. It was her duty to always maintain a positive self-image and through drive and determination dropped 70 lbs to achieve her goal.

Today, Charlyn enjoys the reality that has materialized out of the dream that started some twenty-five years ago. She was given a chance in Canada when she had absolutely nothing. This remarkable woman has become a true inspiration and testament to young females everywhere who want to venture into the corporate world.