Jealousy is one of the most destructive emotions human beings display. It has a way of penetrating our culture with envy and hatred. Social media has given us an outlet to showcase our perfect personas, luxury lives, flawless bodies and amazing relationships.

Instead of being complimentary towards individuals for their accomplishments, we often exhibit signs of competitiveness, resentment, and animosity. There is a very thin line between motivation, inspiration, and jealousy.

Don’t get me wrong, another person’s success story can inspire or motivate you to become a better version of yourself, but it can also have the opposite effect.

For many of us, living beyond our means to keep up with the Jones’ is detrimental to our well-being. We need to be more mindful how our thoughts and actions are being projected at each other and avoid the pitfalls of self-indulgence and greed.

We should applaud an individual’s growth or prosperity with acknowledgment, compliments, and a sense of pride. Why do we think a person’s accomplishment is not well deserved? Do you know how hard this person worked to achieve their goals and dreams?

People who are materialistic and insecure tend to exhibit signs of jealousy, and they’re a joy killer. We are all unique, with different goals, talents, abilities, and luck. For the life of me, I can never understand someone’s logic for comparing themselves to another person or being resentful.

Imagine getting married at twenty, returning to work two days after your wedding, and being attacked by a co-worker only due to jealousy. This abuse happened to me when I was working as an undocumented worker in a factory where I met my husband. This nuptial was important because it would allow me the opportunity to become a legal immigrant.

Word got out that I had gotten married over the weekend and this joyous event was not sitting well with one co-worker. On Monday morning, I returned to work showing off my $300.00 wedding ring. I was no longer Charlyn Antione; I was being addressed as Mrs. Charlyn Asher.

The sight of the gold wedding ring on my finger sent her into a rage! They started verbally abusing me and even attempted to get physical with me, so I confidently walked over to the manager and quit on the spot. Her annoyance at my recent marriage and good fortune was dangerous, irrational and led to my distress.

People who are materialistic and insecure tend to exhibit signs of jealousy, and they’re a joy killer. “

Why are we unhappy with each other’s triumphs? Why are we resentful and bitter towards another person’s victory? Why can’t we be supportive and kind? Do other people’s achievements threaten you so much that you cannot bring yourself to say great job, congratulations, I’m happy for you, or I’m proud of you?

The antidote for jealousy and resentment is personal self-improvement. Use this practice to discover what you would like for yourself, then go out there and achieve your goals. We are all worthy of having extraordinary lives and accomplishments while having good intentions and praise for other human beings.