All Things Char

Nationality: Grenadian
Birthday: February 12th
Height: 167 CMS
Schools: Windsor Forest Pre-School, St. Dominic’s RC School, St David’s Catholic Secondary School
Nick names: Pumpkin & Charlo (Grenada), Char (Canada)
Favourite Meal: Oil-down (Grenada’s national dish)
Drinks of choice: Water, Coconut water, Kombucha, Moringa tea
Favourite color: Pink, neon yellow or anything loud
Favourite fruit: Mango
Best physical feature: Arms
Favourite songs on my workout playlist: Sweetie & Waste my time (Yung Perth), Let it go (Boyzie), See mi ah gone ( Runi Jay), Mood (24K Goldn).
Favourite movie: The Wizard of OZ
Favourite book: I know why the caged birds sings (Maya Angelou)
Favourite restaurant: Langdon Hall & Kinka Izakaya (Canada), Umbrellas (Grenada)
Most afraid of: Too many to mention, top of the list, height and snakes
What motivates me: My daughter, being told no
First thing I think about in the morning: Food (what I am going to have for Breakfast)
Make up must have: NARS Star Woman or Sephora # 95 lipstick