Even in today’s progressive society there are many misconceptions that come with being a woman. Some of these false impressions are unfair to all women, but especially black women in the corporate world.

We face great injustices by not being given equal opportunities like men and women of another race. Instead of sitting back quietly and accepting this discriminatory practice, we should amplify our voices for the equality of black women in business.

Our abilities are limitless. Black businesswomen display the same level of strength, grace, power, and independence as our counterparts. However, we have a more challenging time accessing capital, reliable suppliers, and even potential customers. The lucky ones like me are still faced with new challenges daily.

I never take offense when someone describes me as a Pitbull in a Skirt. These loathsome individuals want to keep me poor and present an unsavory image of me. I don’t back down or give up no matter how many obstacles come my way. 

I will keep fighting and continue the offensive because this fight is more important than just me. I feel it’s my duty to empower future entrepreneurs such as my daughter and future generations of young black girls. I am here to disrupt the falsehoods about black women in business. Otherwise, we will never get any peace or equal opportunities.

In life, you have to stand up for something, or you will fall for everything. For example, I was recently tricked into signing a four-year contract by Monex Canada Inc. for a point-of-sale system for my company. The merchant was First Data Canada/ Clover. The credit card fees seemed very competitive and provided significant savings for my business. But, as the old saying goes, if something is too good to be true, most of the time, it is.

Within the first month of service, I was charged an Internet fee, membership fee, app fee, and maintenance fee. I was not happy. It turned out I was going to be paying an extra $1000 a year!

I wanted out of the contract but told I would breach the agreement and charged $500.00. Like me, so many other small businesses were scammed and taken advantage of in the same way. Unfortunately, they didn’t have a voice and ended up falling prey to these unscrupulous companies. 

I never take offense when someone describes me as a Pitbull in a Skirt.”

The only retaliation clients had against these scammers was to give the company a one-star rating on Google plus a lousy review. I wouldn’t stand for this company’s shenanigans, and I refused to have the same fate happen to me. After three weeks of constant phone calls, emails, and being overly outspoken about their trickery, I walked away without any penalties.

Some of my business associates love my fearless style, transparency, and how I run my business with integrity. Unfortunately, I’m disliked by others because I am way too dominant, persuasive, and strong. They don’t like the competition. However, I have made it very clear that I am a force to be reckoned with, have a voice and space in this industry.

“Pitbull In A Skirt”

Businessmen can be ruthless and powerful, but derogatory words are used to describe women who portray these same characteristics. Why are there so many double standards? You have to stand up for yourself and let your voice be heard. I stand up for myself, even if it means being called a Pitbull in a Skirt.